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Going Beyond The Requirements

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护理专业的学生有严格的教育过程,因为他们必须证明他们可以安全地照顾病人. 在临床课程中,学生通过观察和考试来衡量和评估. 实践技能的发展,学生学习如何照顾多个病人和他们的需求.

Most people have experienced health care in some way, whether because of their own illness or a family member's. These experiences are trying, 照顾他们或他们所爱的人的护士会对这种经历产生重大影响. 在新濠天地app选择护理作为专业的学生经常分享,因为护士如何照顾他们或他们所爱的人,他们感到被召唤去护理. 这些护士做得非常出色,给他们留下了深刻的印象.

In Luke, Chapter 10, verses 25-37, 一位宗教法律专家问耶稣怎样才有资格进入神的国. 宗教法专家根据法律上已经写的东西知道最低要求,他想知道他是否符合最低要求. 耶稣向众人谈论爱和超越. 在这个故事中,当一个人受伤躺在路边时,他的亲人从他身边经过. However, someone unlikely came along, helped him, cared for him, 然后回去看看他是否得到了适当的照顾(路加福音10:25-37), New Living Translation).

这个人的故事引起了护士们的共鸣,因为新濠天地app觉得这是新濠天地app应该做的! 然而,耶稣要新濠天地app超越新濠天地app的任务,认识到更深层次的需要. 我记得有一天,我的电话在我的办公桌上响了,我没有认出分机. The caller ID said it was room number X. 我刚说你好,电话那头的人就问他是不是在给药房打电话. I said no, and he said, "Never mind, I will ask my nurse." Intrigued, I realized it was a patient from the unit. He soon let me know he needed denture cream. I found out his name and told him I would work on it.

我本可以打电话给他的护士转告他,但我却给药房打了电话. 在说他们会把它送上去之后,我意识到这可能需要一段时间,而午餐时间就要到了. I offered to pick it up and deliver it to the patient. As I knocked on the patient's door and told him who I was, he was surprised I delivered his cream so quickly. 我能感觉到一种激励,让我去了解他的故事,而不是把奶油放下就走. During an emotional conversation, I learned his wife was currently in another hospital, and he could not see her. 在为病人祈祷之后,我不得不帮助他的处境. 其他人跳起来帮助病人和他的妻子进行视频通话,这样他就可以放心,她没事, helping him with his own recovery.

如果我只做了要求我做的事,我就会错过他的需要. On the surface, he needed his denture cream. 但是耶稣要求新濠天地app认识到更深层次的需要(内心的需要),像上帝看新濠天地app一样看别人. We may ask God for what we want, but God provides our needs. 所以耶稣对律法专家的回答挑战新濠天地app运用新濠天地app所受的训练, be stewards in our profession, and provide for the NEEDS of others.


-Lynette Fair, MSN,博士,护理学教授,护理主任/系主任

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Apr 19, 2023

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